Neil Myers, All Rights Reserved.  2003
               Anica Abaz


           August 21, 1951 - December 9, 2003

               A Celebration of Her Life
                                                     by Neil Myers

This page has been created to commemorate Anica Abaz, dear mother, wife, daughter, and friend, who passed away on December 9, 2003 at the age of 52.  Anya (or Michko as she was commonly known to us) died only two and a half months after her being diagnosed with a lethal form of lung cancer called Mesothelioma.  She is survived by her husband Zvonko Abaz, of Auckland, New Zealand, her daughter Jelena Myers (my wife) of Tucson, Arizona, USA, and son Uros Abaz, also of Auckland, New Zealand.  

At the time I am now writing it has been nearly six years since we lost Anya, and we all still miss her and talk about her - and even find the courage to laugh at some of the funny things she said and did.  It is proper, I think, that after enough time passes all of our minds are better able to remember what was so good about a person who we've lost, when the grief becomes more distant and our minds are more settled.  But I think it should be said that because the grief is a little farther behind us, we don't forget.  When we gathered in put Anya's ashes in the ground in late 2004, her husband Zvonko said is plain, forceful English "We will never forget her..." and I am told that he still visits her resting place once a week.  I'm also told that if either Zvonko or his son Uros are not in town when they would normally visit Anya's grave, one coordinates with the other to make sure she is visited at least once a week by whichever of the two of them IS in town.  Six years after, what an amazing dedication of a husband and son - and I know that if my wife and I didn't live in Arizona, we too would want to visit her.  Everybody feels that obligation to not forget someone so wonderful, so kind, and so dearly loved.  

Below is a collage of some new / old images that Zvonko has recently shared with us, and I'd like to share them as an online memorial to an amazing lady we all still love, and who we miss terribly.

                                                                        Love you Michko,

Samo Jedna Micko....